April 13, 2006

Give a Yelp to the Neighborhood

Here are some AV joints recently (and highly) rated on Yelp.

The write-ups on Yelp are definitely of the ifyerlookinfor style, something an editor once described to me as loathsome.

  • 4/5 stars - Kaldi Coffee & Tea - "If you miss the days of laid back coffee houses then this is the one for you. Locals (as in Atwater Village residents) flock to this place for their morning coffee ritual." (That last bit I can certainly verify. Inexpensive beans too.)
  • 5/5 stars - Asia - "It's in Atwater Village, adjacent to trendy Los Feliz and boasts a snazzy, zen decor." (See my slightly less starry review here.)
  • 5/5 stars - Indochine Vien - "If you want good pho this side of LA, I highly recommend this place." (Definitely on the To-Try List.)

Yelp also offers a fan-tastic Map-Tastic Google Maps mash-up. Pick a ZIP, click on restaurants. Or doctors. Or museums. And up they pop, reviews and all. Here's a capture from the map of reviewed restaurants along Los Feliz Blvd. in Atwater Village:

(Much cooler of course on the Map-Tastic page, since all those little numbers would be clickable.)

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