April 17, 2006

Beastie Boys Peed Here

So whatcha whatcha whatcha want for the former HQ of the Beastie Boys, an office located in "hip" Atwater Village?

How about a cool $5 million. That's $1,000 per square foot! (But real-estate agent spellcheck will cost extra.)

Next to famous Club Tee Gee. From Craigslist:

$5001500 / 5000ft²

Creative office space in
famed Beastie Boys headquartes.

Newly renovatied creative office space available in legendary office building, previous Beastie Boys/Grand Royale headquarters. Multiple spacious units of varying size and cost available. Offices/Editing/Sound booths perfect for Film/TV/Music/Apparel/Graphic design company. Located in hip Atwater Village, adjacent to Silver Lake, restaurants, shopping, and parking. Call 323-953-3543 for information and appointment. Available May 1.

[48 Interior Pictures]

[Map of 3218 1/2 Glendale Blvd.]


Anonymous said...

hello. someone linked me to this blog.

i live in atwater too! its a great hood, huh.

i was just wondering - once and for all:

is it Club Tee Yee or Club Tee Gee??

i have never been in there, but want to go. anyway the sign looks like 'Yee" to me, and i have seen it written (and heard it spoken) both ways. what gives?

-corinne (glenhurst ave)

blogger said...

The AV is the last secret best 'hood in LA, if you ask me. Then again I've only been here a month, so give it time.

It's Club Tee Gee, I've been told on good authority. And it's Gee on all the online maps and ratings guides like citysearch.

Quite the stylized "G" though. I keep driving by and I still think it's a Y!

Jim said...

Beastie Boys even have a line about Glendale Blvd in one of their songs. I can't remember for sure. If I recall correctly, they filmed "Whacha Want" in the park off Larga and Fletcher. If not there, then it was in Griffith Park.