April 21, 2006

So What Neighborhood Are You In?

I live in Atwater Village.

But if I'm talking to someone who doesn't live in Los Angeles, I say I'm east of Hollywood.

(They've at least heard of Hollywood, even if they couldn't place it on an LA map.)

If I'm talking to someone from LA who lives west of the 101 (or God forbid west of the 405) I say Los Feliz.

(Close enough. It seems all LA locals have heard of Los Feliz, in part thanks to Kiefer. Atwater Village gets blank stares.)

Only if I'm talking to someone who lives east of the 101 - in Los Feliz or Mt. Washington or Glasell Park - do I confess the truth.


Miles said...

you can also say silver lake. or i always like between silver lake, glendale and los feliz.

today, i said to an oldtimer, "you know, where glendale runs into riverside."

some day, we'll be fashionable again.

a35mmlife said...

I usually tell people I'm over the Hyperion Hump.


Welcome to A.V.

Can't believe there is yet a post about the best little taco stand in LA...

blogger said...

Do tell, what is the best little taco stand in LA? Is it in AV? I'll put it directly on the Must Try list.

Anonymous said...

I tell people I live in Eagle Rock even though I'm in Glassell Park. Then they go, where's Eagle Rock, and I just keep saying EAST, EAST OF ANYTHING YOU KNOW OF. So...I know your pain.


Geo said...

When I lived there, I told folks Atwater (before the Village was added) was located between the LA River and Glendale south of Griffith Park.

Anonymous said...

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