April 9, 2006

More Sunday Driving

About 60 miles round trip:

  • From home sweet home in Atwater Village >>> North on I-5 >>> West on the 134 >>> North on the 170 >>> To North Hollywood Church of Religious Science

  • From North Hollywood, west on the 101 (despite rule about never taking the 101; this was Sunday afternoon in the Valley, so what the heck) >>> South on I-405 >>> West on Sunset Blvd. >>> Winding through Brentwood, then Pacific Palisades, then shortcut to ocean along Temescal Canyon Rd.

  • South along ocean via Pacific Coast Highway >>> Up California Incline (made famous by its location for a chase in It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World)

  • South along Ocean Blvd. >>> Through Santa Monica >>> To Venice >>> To a walk around the residential neighborhood of the Venice Canals

  • From Venice Canals to shopping district along a street named for the canal builder, Abbot Kinney >>> Lunch at Hal's Bar & Grill (good food, good atmosphere, service worth about 10%)

  • From lunch, east on Venice Blvd. >>> To Downtown LA >>> Northeast on Broadway >>> Northwest on San Fernando Rd. >>> Back to Atwater Village

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