April 15, 2010

Where the Streets Have No Slurry

REMEMBER ALL the street closure signs posted in central Atwater Village last week? The City's closures and crews have come and gone, and left behind a nice smooth resurfacing (one might call it a slurry coat seal) on streets that, frankly, already seemed quite smooth and resurfaced. Now, how about some love for these remaining bumpy concrete lanes in south Atwater Village, something neighbors have been asking for 4 years? (Sorry, make that 10 years.)


Miles said...

Luring me in to comment again about the streets. Sigh. One day the city will show love to our concrete streets as well. Just probably not in my lifetime. Oh, and street cleaners still go down the middle of our street because the city, for 10 years, hasn't been able to come up with the money to put signs on about 15 blocks. I guess some don't get what they pay for.

sil said...

When are they going to repave Holly Dale St. ? We had contractors that screwed up the whole street. Since 2008 they started working on it. Now they are done but the whole street is filled with the temporary repavement of the holes that they made to work like 10 feet below the ground with the sewer system. I see people driving to the left because the temporary stuff is on the right side of the street. Its pretty annoying because it is not to surface area it is really bumpy especially towards the end of the street.