April 21, 2010

Northeast LA: Lock Your Doors, Windows, Bicycles

Suspect DescriptionDUAL WARNINGS tonight from Northeast division of the Los Angeles Police Department:
  • During recent review of "Hot Prowl" burglaries in the areas of Los Feliz, Franklin Hills, Silverlake and East Hollywood, it was determined that burglary suspects entered several homes during early hours of the morning (2:00am to 3:30am). The burglars entered while home owners were at home sleeping. Victims were awaken by noises in their homes and actually confronted suspects as they fled from their residents. The method used to enter the homes were open garages, open windows and open sliding doors. We strongly recommend that you check your windows and doors prior to going to sleep.
  • The bicycle thefts are still occurring. Suspects are removing bikes from open garages and cutting chained locks. Please keep them in locked homes and garages.
As always, report emergencies to 911, non-emergencies to 1-877-ASK-LAPD.


Lulu said...

This is terrifying! But who would leave their windows and doors unlocked ever? This is LA people!

Jim Brown said...

someone was in my house, a couple of weeks ago. then i caught em a few days later in my back yard, chased em about 4 blocks with a baseball bat.
my back door got left open somehow. and bikes have been stolen here when left in the back yard. oh well.