April 14, 2010

Gang Member Girlfriends, You're on Notice

All Paint and No Play 4ACCUSED GANG member Vincent J. Vigil filed an appeal yesterday in a case convicting him of misdemeanor assault, felony assault with a deadly weapon, and 2 counts of corporal injury. One conviction involves gangs from our little neighborhood of Atwater Village and an injury to Vigil's girlfriend, Adelita Telles. From the prosecution's case:
On February 18, 2008, Dr. Thuc Bach treated [girlfriend Adelita] Telles at the Huntington Memorial Hospital for a six-inch, superficial, "bleeding" cut that was "very clean" and "very precise" and that was probably delivered in a "straight slashing action." ...
Telles said that she did not want to talk to the police about her injury and that she afraid of the person [appellant Vigil] who hurt her because he was an Avenues Gang member. Telles was with appellant who accused her of dating and having sex with someone from the Frog Town gang in Atwater Village.
Vigil's appeal was filed in Court of Appeals of California, Second District.

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