April 22, 2010

On Camera: More LAPD Action in Atwater Village

Glenfeliz Police Action
JUST A WEEK after dozens of officers took over Sunnynook Drive, yesterday a reader caught a more limited LAPD action just around the corner on Glenfeliz Blvd., sending along photos and this eyewitness account:
"Newbie, around 3:35pm today [April 21] I drove by this arrest and car search going on on the corner of Glenfeliz and Ingledale Terrace. The guy was cuffed sitting on the side of the road with tattoos on his neck and looked Hispanic with a thin mustache. Not sure what he did but for the cops to search his car they must have had probable cause. Thought you might like to know... At least the cops are doing something!"
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Skrip said...

Great job LAPD!