April 15, 2008

Rent a House in the 'Beverly Hills' of Atwater Village

I RECENTLY LEARNED OF 2 rental properties available on Valleybrink Road, once described to me as the "Beverly Hills of Atwater Village." (I'd like to include Griffith View Drive in that distinction, though there's one particular house around the corner on Sunnynook Drive that should be de-annexed entirely.) From their Craigslist ads:

3675 Valleybrink Rd., 90039
$3,100 deposit
2 bedrooms
1 bathroom
1-year lease minimum
Cats and dogs OK

3752 Valleybrink Rd., 90039
Deposit unspecified
3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
Central air/heat

Keep in mind that these properties, like most single-family homes in Atwater Village, won't offer nearly as much real estate as you'd find in the real Beverly Hills. The average Atwater residence was built 80 years ago and is about 1,100 square feet.


katiesmurphy said...

when we were first house shopping in Atwater in 2001, a realtor told us that Glenfeliz "and surrounding streets" are the BH of Atwater. I'd imagine that would include Valleybrink.

Miles said...

Having grown up in BH and now living for almost 9 years in Atwater (not even the "BH" side), I can say without any doubt that Atwater rocks. That said, for the most part, house sizes might be larger in BH, but lot sizes are not that far off for most. And, when I grew up there, for the record (and I assume it's still true), more than 50% of the population lived in apartments.

Emily said...

Calling it the Beverly Hills of Atwater I consider ridiculous. I live on Valleybrink and yes, it's very nice, but give me a freakin break. I wouldn't want to live in Beverly Hills these days with all the mcmansions being built on 5000 sqf lots.
I think it should be called "The Larchmont Village" of Atwater Village. More appropriate I'd say. And more quaint!

irving said...

Why don't we just call it Atwater Village?

Heidi said...

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