August 29, 2007

Turns Out There Is Really Is Crazy Shit Going Down on Sunnynook

WE'D ALWAYS NOTICED strange goings-on around a particular house on Sunnynook Drive, but we did nothing. You'd think my LAPD community police training would have me reaching for the phone every time a shadow rustled, but I erred on the side of benefit of the doubt.

I didn't report the massive amounts of garbage. Or the grown men sitting on bicycles under trees. Or the Morse code whistling at night.

Let this be a lesson. In the last 24 hours, Sunnynook Drive has seen an unusual amount of police activity and neighbor interest. And today I get the scoop from Atwater Village's Director of Animal Welfare.
Sunnynook Meth House: Animal Update

"A notorious drug house in Atwater Village was recently raided by the LAPD. The owner and his partner were arrested; owner is in the hospital, partner is in jail. In addition to drugs and assorted mayhem, the house was of major concern to many neighbors because of the cats who lived there. The house is absolutely filthy (soon to be condemned by Building and Safety), the cats have been neglected and/or abused.

"So here's the situation right now: 6-7 cats, several doves, lizards, assorted reptiles and one small dog were confiscated by Animal Control this morning. They are being held as evidence and are not available for adoption by the public or rescue groups at this time.

"[Atwater Village DAWs] will be keeping tabs on them; when they become available, we will alert everybody.

"There are conflicting reports about kittens - possibly 5-6 kittens were taken by Animal Control yesterday. We do not know if they are being held as evidence or not.

"There are still approximately 6-7 cats left at the property.

"The property is still occupied so no one should go near it. While the owner and his partner may be gone, there are at least four 'tenants' and a constant parade of visitors. These people are all addicts and/or criminals.

"However, the immediate neighbors will assist in trapping the remaining cats. These cats will need foster/permanent homes ASAP!

"The Atwater Village DAWs can provide cages and other equipment for anyone who can foster. The cats all appear young, some maybe 6-7 months old, and friendly. They will not be too difficult to place. Please contact me or Jeannie if you can help."
Nothing brings out the Joneses like a half-dozen kitties in a meth lab.


katiesmurphy said...

what house number?

amjde said...

I live near the Fletcher side of Atwater but was visiting a friend on Valleybrink when all of this went down last Monday evening. All of the neighbors were out and seemed pretty relieved that something was finally being done about this place. An ambulance was there since apparently someone was shot and there was a young woman in handcuffs.

There is a Sunnynook address posted on the DOJ website in a list of raids. Check it out:

MJS said...

I received the same email, and indeed was one of those who went to see what was up (the thundering of the police helicopter was rattling windows as it made hard, tight circles at an altitude lower than some of our neighborhood trees). The so-called meth house has been a problem for many years, with lots of drop-by visitors running in and out, garbage, various busts, the smell of dead animal flesh permeating their side of the street, etc.

I was very pleased at the number of concerned neighbors willing to pitch in and help with the various animals at the residence. A community is often cohered by unsung individuals, who through their collective efforts help all of us to live in a more harmonious neighborhood.

There were twelve cat carcasses on the property. Six live cats were taken by animal control, with apprx. Six more cats are wandering about the digs--it is hoped they can be caught and then given proper veterinary care and decent foster/adoptive homes.

I didn't see any Joneses that day. Must be a new family of Swedes...


Trixie said...

This is such a huge victory. I was fed up with the state of this house for the full 4 years of my time here and I finally had enough. It was myself (and one other neighbor I heard) who called LAPD Narcotics division ALONG with Building and Safety and alerted them about the goings on at this house. A cop appeared in my backyard 2 days before this big bust (I'm bummed I was out of town for this big bust) and he informed me of the progress on arrests.

My backyard has been like a highway for all these poor animals for months and I'm so happy to hear that they will now be better cared for.

I did notice that there are still people living in the crack house now. I saw a brunette haired girl with a walkman on (seriously, who has those anymore?) walking out the front door the other day. I was amazed I could even SEE the front door.

Victory for Atwater!

zamo said...

Good news! I live very close to the house in question and things are much, much better now. Sergio, the guy who used to live there and was the cause of the undesirables coming around, is now in jail... permanently. I spoke with the lead officer in the case. He has more than three strikes against him, all non violent (like receiving stolen property). The owner of the house, Ron, is cleaning it up with his brother (who is also on the deed). They have evicted the people living in the back and are about to post on Craig's List for new tenants. The last month has been very, very quiet over there. Hooray!

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