April 10, 2008

In the Midwest, They Call It Frito Pie

Chilaquiles!, originally uploaded by Michael A. Brown.

ANGELENOS SOMETIMES ARGUE about where to get the best chilaquiles. Mt. Washington? Santa Monica? The office cafeteria? They bicker as if this dish is something unique to LA, something gringos wouldn't understand. Well, I've been the midwestern United States, people, and I think they've caught on:
Chilaquiles are corn tortillas, cut in quarters and fried until golden, Next, green or red salsa, or even mole, is poured over the the crispy tortilla triangles. The dish is topped with cheese and/or sour cream.

A Frito pie is Frito corn chips, with a cup of chili poured over the top, usually finished up with grated cheese or onions and jalapeƱos and sour cream.
Other than spice, they basically have the same flavors and textures, too.


Judy Graff said...

I agree. Although the Frito Pie may actually have a little more salt in it. So where's the best Mex food in Atwater?

oddlyme said...

Hey! But you didn't say where YOU think the best chilaquiles are!

And BTW, I'm not the first person to say it, I won't be the last, they are like a savory matzo brie or bread pudding. Almost every culture has a tasty way to use old extra carbs!

AVN said...

Best Mexican food in Atwater Village is, hands down, the roadside stand on Fletcher Drive.

But I might not be the best one to ask about chilaquiles. I can't stomach the stuff.

Michael said...

Hey, I took that pic! I can't get enough chilaquiles.