April 18, 2008

Putting the LA in Lazy: Restaurant Delivery from LAbite.com

WE WANTED STEAK and eggs. It was dinner time. But we didn't have steak and eggs in the house. And we didn't really want to leave the house.

LAbite.com, the delivery service, said Home Restaurant in Los Feliz would send steak and eggs anywhere in 90039. Fine, bring it:
Breakfast Steak & Eggs $12.95
Jalapeno Poppers 6.95
Yummy In My Tummy Warm Spinach Salad 10.95
Restaurant Total $30.85

Delivery Fee $5.99
Conv. Fee 1.47
Sales Tax 2.55
Order Total $40.86

Driver Tip (15%) $6.13
Grand Total 46.99
Considering we'd pay tax and tip had we gone to the restaurant, the difference tonight was delivery and convenience fees. So was it worth $7.46 to avoid getting properly dressed, loading into the car, driving 5 miles round trip and finding a place to park on a busy Friday night? For now, mostly due to the one hour wait, it's a definite maybe. Ask again when gas hits $5 a gallon.

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Miles said...

And the people who own Home just bought Rudolphos on Riverside and Fletcher, so next time you get a craving, the food will either be delivered much faster or it's a much shorter drive to Rudolphos.