April 17, 2008

Some Love for The Griffin

The Griffin sign, originally uploaded by Caroline on Crack.

PEOPLE COME FROM far and wide - OK, maybe from Silver Lake - to bask under the neon lion-eagle at The Griffin, 3000 Los Feliz Blvd. in Atwater Village.
Caroline on Crack: "My new favorite bar? The Griffin in Atwater Village. Friendly staff (even the bouncer chatted with me and smiled nonetheless), great drinks, lots of seating areas, a jukebox! and tater tots."

loves cereal: "The Griffin is this cool little hangout with a fireplace and lots of good seating inside. They even have a juke box."
See more than 100 reviews at Yelp, too,


Diliana said...

This is my favorite place in Atwater too. Walking distance from my place, strong inexpensive drinks, nice crowd and great (smoking) patio!

Emily said...

Their food (served until 9pm) is perfect for if you have the munchies and you aren't discerning about what you're eating. Fried fried fried. They have tater tots, fries, corn dogs!!! Yeah, by the time you're ordering that kind of food you're already wayy over your caloric intake for the week, so what's a few corndogs on top?

Miles said...

I gotta say that, though it's nice inside, I was not really impressed. Seemed like a lot of early 20s/college kids and not much the much-loved east-ish side vibe. Maybe I caught it on a bad, rollicking, straight hookup early evening, cause I really really want to like it. Oh, and it should open before 9p. Happy hour anybody?