June 7, 2007

Why East and West, No Matter How You Split LA, Must Get Along

"NO TWO COUNTRIES THAT HAVE McDonald's have ever fought a war since each got McDonald's." - Thomas L. Friedman

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MJS said...

Ah, Thomas L. Friedman, a man who supported the Invasion Of Iraq and who has been noted by Atrios of Eschaton for his habit of suggesting (paraphrased) 'all we need are just more six months and things will be hunky-dory.'

At some point he began to smell the horror.

Better late than never. Some time back The Rude Pundit dissected the well-fed and utterly clueless gasbag that is Thomas Friedman.

Vis a vis "East/West" and T.F.: if a Sunni opens a McDonalds, and a Shia opens up a McDonalds...you want shrapnel with that?