June 14, 2007

Just Think How Popular The Grove Station Will Be

Silver Line: $6.2 billion
REQUIREMENTS FOR BUILDING a better Los Angeles rail system:
    1. A map.
    2. A set of markers. A nice set, of course. Maybe Crayolas.
    3. $38 billion.
Continuing to cure LA's 20th-century transportation hangover with the most robust 19th-century treatments, The Transit Coalition offers this fancy hand drawing of 11 possible train lines.

These new or improved lines, given an ideal political climate obtainable only through a Stargate, would be complete by 2026.

Sure, the map has been posted more than a year. But I still admire its judicious use of graph paper, its willingness to ignore the pillars still marking the Red Car right-of-way across the LA River, and its ability to get me from Atwater Village to Glendale Galleria in only two stops.

Long live the imaginary LA grid.

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