June 11, 2007

Hot & Local: More News from Street Fest

Smile, Kid, Smile
STARBUCKS AIN'T THE NEW KID on the block any more. Two new Glendale Boulevard retailers sampled their wares yesterday at the Atwater Village Street Festival.

Woof, a dog clothing and food boutique, opened its new storefront and staffed a tent outside. Is this a new location for the Woof in beautiful downtown Burbank?

Crispy Crust, an offshoot of the Hollywood pizza joint, is still a week from opening but handed out free slices, hot from the oven, all day long.

And dance/fitness studio Heartbeat House provided its own hotness, pictured above, with a performance that threatened to upstage nearly everything but the cookie contest.


fiona said...

I am so happy that I found your blog! We just bought a house in Atwater and we will be moving in next week. We know next to nothing about Atwater so I will be a loyal reader.

AVN said...

Welcome to the hood!