June 18, 2007

More Expensive Than Malibu

One of the Last Remaining 76 Balls
DRIVING HOME FROM THE BEACH this weekend I was mildly relieved to notice what seemed to be a price drop - or at least a price plateau - at gas stations around Southern California.

I filled up at $3.26 in Orange County, and I saw $3.19 and $3.09 along I-5 in east LA.

Then I got home to Atwater Village. The petrol purveyor at the bottom of Hyperion Bridge posted a preposterous $3.59. This morning LosAngelesGasPrices confirms this 76 station (pictured above, in the under-$3 salad days) has the second highest prices in LA.

In fact, both stations at Glendale and Glenfeliz are 40 cents pricier than their neighborhood cousins a mile away on Los Feliz Blvd.

What gives? Is delivering gas to the 76 in Atwater Village suddenly as costly as delivering special sauce to McDonald's in Times Square?

By the way, the Shell on the PCH in Malibu: $3.45.

1 comment:

Pat said...

That one is always priced ridiculously. I've been going to Valero religiously lately, either the one on Riverside or the one on Virgil near Santa Monica which is even cheaper.