June 13, 2007

San Fernando Road: As Seen on TV

Home Plus is us
LAST SEPTEMBER, EAGLE-EYED blog Citizenrobot noted a new billboard along San Fernando Road in northeast Los Angeles.

Home Plus is us
The billboard: real. Home Plus family superstore: HBO. This is the Utah mega-mart run by Bill Paxton's character on Big Love. But this scene, supposedly taking place in Utah, was shot here in Glassell Park. (Try finding Patra's Burgers in Utah. Google can't.)

Bill Paxton is us
The scenes shot last fall appeared in previews for next week's episode of Big Love: "Home Plus billboards have been defaced, leading Bill and Don to scramble for repairs and a rethinking of Bill's public face on Home Plus."

That's right. It's not TV. It's LA.


Sherrie said...

This was HIGHLY EXCITING to me then and it still is now! But yeah...Glassell Park is probably nuttin' like anyplace in Utah.

AVN said...

Utah stole TV and film productions from my old home state, Colorado. The teenybopper show Everwood, for example, took place in CO but was shot in UT.

It's nice being on the other side.