June 12, 2007

The Pink Lady Speaks

Thanks so much for the positive feedback. I'm still feeling the glow from my award. And after spending a day in the sun at the street festival I can tell you the glow might be coming from my very pink skin. How appropriate that the name of cookie is the Pink Lady?

For those of you curious about the taste of the cookie it looks like Luis could tell you how yummy it is. But for further detail I'll tell you about my recipe.

The cookie is a Ruby Red grapefruit cookie sandwich with Ruby Red grapefruit cream filling. The juice is freshly squeezed and I let the dough marinate in the juices for a few days so that its saturated with grapefruit goodness.

It's very sweet and not too tart.

It's my own adapted recipe that I've been working on for a while. Now if I could just convince Mr. Newbie to buy me a Pro-Line KitchenAid I could make batches for everyone in Atwater.
[Editor's Note: But look how happy everyone was with results from our borrowed run-of-the-mill KitchenAid!]

[Editor's Note #2: But you're right, it is yummy, sweet and not too tart!]

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Jeezypoo said...

When are we going to get a recipe!?! OR is this going to stay a secret?