July 16, 2006

Argument Ender of the Week

For all the Starbucks shenanigans (and Home Depot kvetching), from the Atwater Village business forum:

It could be worse - if you lived in Whittier you would be arguing about whether or not to put a prison in your neighborhood.


Miles said...

truer words never spoken.

stockholm cindy said...

There's a prison on the outskirts of my old neighborhood in Brooklyn and property values in the area are SOARING. They recently closed the prison temporarily to give it an upgrade (better facilities and higher capacity) and apparently turn the ground floor into 24,000 square feet of retail stores for the local yuppies. One of the weirdest mixed-use developments to date.

sherru said...

Yes, uh, please do not put a damn prison there. I will gladly put up with the orange glowing hell of a Home Depot!

Seriously though - do we have any updates on that Fletcher/Riverside lot?