July 8, 2006

Atwater Chatter

In and around Far East Hollywood:

Input This: The unambiguously-named No Home Depot Coalition will be in full force at the more diplomatically titled Fletcher Square Community Input Meeting, July 11, 7:00pm.

Monk in the Hood: The yummy Eating LA blog notes, "Did you think a new Middle Eastern restaurant was coming to Atwater? Well, not unless Tony Shalhoub is the head chef. The film AmericaEast, about Arab-Americans, constructed a realistic-looking restaurant set in the former Manila Oriental market space on Glendale Blvd." No word on what will come of Habibi's Falafel and Kabab after filming.

Abstract in Concrete: J Ferrari Gallery reception, July 8, 7:00pm.

What Stinks: LA blog Stinks Good has a page of reviews for eastside eateries.

Grande Priorities: War in Iraq, government phone taps, immigrants in slave labor, but Atwater Villagers are "organizing against the proposed Starbucks scheduled to go into the old Atwater Ranch Market site at glendale Blvd and Glenfeliz."

Like a Blind Archer Misses His Target:
What someone in Lawrence, Kansas misses about Atwater Village: tacos.

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