May 15, 2010

Welcome, Forbes Readers

Holmby Park

THIS WEEK Forbes published an article on America's most expensive homes, using my photo of the Spelling Mansion in Los Angeles. (With Creative Commons permission, I might add.)

The magazine was kind enough to give me credit and link to my Flickr page. So far more than 2,400 Forbes readers have clicked through to see my original photo, shot on a helicopter tour of Los Angeles. A good portion of them have also clicked through to my May 2009 post about Candy Spelling's listing of  the mansion for sale.

So, welcome Forbes readers. This blog is primarily about Atwater Village, an 8,000-resident neighborhood in northeast LA. We have a Costco. And a wine bar. You might also be interested in 280 more photos from the helicopter tour.  Stay a while, look around. Enjoy!

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