May 2, 2010

LAPD Responding to Shots Fired, Possibly Machine Gun, at Glendale-Hyperion Bridge

TONIGHT THE Los Angeles Police Department is responding to shots fired from Glendale-Hyperion Bridge in Atwater Village. Up to 4 cycles of what sounded like machine-gun fire, 8:45pm Sunday.
UPDATE 8:50pm: LAPD helicopters, cruisers, searching LA River bed. Police vehicles racing toward River along Sunnynook Drive.

UPDATE 9:10pm: Still activity around Glendale-Hyperion bridge. Police lights on Riverside Drive. Neighbors tracking events on AVNC forum: "at least 15 police vehicles and lots of suspects in handcuffs."

UPDATE 9:15pm: Lights, sirens, choppers gone. Nobody else reporting. Time to finish Sunday night TV shows. Y'all are on your own.
Second round:
UPDATE 9:50pm: Great, 4 more shots and/or pops and/or explosions. Maybe guns, maybe fireworks. Does it matter? Are we really going to let them have Atwater Village?

UPDATE 10:25pm: Helicopter returns, spotlight on River.


Molly said...

Hell the NO... we are NOT going to let them have Atwater.

Bingo TC said...

AV Newbie, thanks for keeping us up to date. I live in Archstone Los Feliz, right next to the bridge, but was away at a party last night. It was your tweets and blog that kept me notified.

Steve said...

I live in Archtsone Los Feliz, and was ducking the shots were so close last night. Heard several rounds, sounded like AK fire, with a handgun firing one round afterwards (in defense)? These are not the first gunshots I've heard here...Just moved here from Atlanta a few months ago, wtf have you people let happen to this city? Food sucks (for the mexican population here, where is decent mexican food (refried beans pls?), but costs twice more, drivers are the worst anywhere, rent is double, roads are in the same condition as most central american countries, and there are more homeless people here than on Phish tour, but hey, at least its sunny??? Thank god weed is legal. I'll leave you with my message to the world: Left lane is for passing, right lane is for traveling. -stoned in Los Feliz.