May 28, 2010

Tom Hanks is Filming in Atwater Village

The location is perfect!  Hanx on TwitpicAS NOTED elsewhere, including the mega-star's own Twitter feed, Tom Hanks is shooting night scenes this week in front of Club Tee Gee on Glendale Blvd. He's directing and starring in Larry Crowne, a 2011 release with Julia Roberts and Brian Cranston, among others. One neighbor noted the production has given the vintage Atwater Villlage bar some "weird awesome windows."

Not all's rosy in Hanksville, though, as reports came in last night that the production is "in the middle of Glendale Blvd causing traffic." (See the director's own kvetching about night shoots here.)

Hanks is also causing traffic this week along Los Feliz Blvd., at locations including the "Hollywood landmark" Tam O'Shanter Inn.

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