May 3, 2010

Neighbor Goes Solar, Eliminates Electricity Bills

Solar HouseA 10-YEAR RESIDENT of Atwater Village recently converted his house to solar electricity. This is his story (and his photos):
"Last week I had 20 solar panels put on my roof that cover 100% of my electrical usage! DWP [Los Angeles Department of Water and Power] covered half the cost! I would love it if you could blog about it as I think there are loads of houses in this neighborhood that would be perfect for solar. You cannot even see them!

"Basically I generate enough electricity that I cover my electricity needs - so I will no longer have an electricity bill! I will only be paying for natural gas which is next to nothing. I have no batteries. The current goes into the neighborhood grid. The meter spins one direction when current flows in from the grid and the opposite direction when I am putting power back on to the grid. I only pay if I generate less than I use. My system is designed to generate 110% of my average usage based on my bills for the last two years.

"The company who did my install [Mimeos Sustainability Consultants] was great. They did all the paperwork for the rebates, handled the contractor and made the whole thing completely painless and transparent."

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Mindy said...

We also worked with Mimeos ( install solar panels back in December. Working with Matt and Dane at Mimeos was a fantastic experience from start to finish. The LADWP rebate is quite substantial and the federal tax credit is also quite generous, so it ends up costing a lot less than you might think. Plus, it feels great to get a bill with no charge for electricity! We’re on Glenmanor, but you can’t even see the panels from the street.