October 26, 2008

Stay Assy, Atwater Village

Toilet of Sunnynook Drive
NORMALLY I WOULD say sure, kids, go ahead and play with the neighbor's toilet. It's on the curb nearly 3 weeks now. Must be some kind of semi-permanent city-endorsed play structure. (Perhaps some neighborhood chamber funds went down it.)

But with this particular porcelain privy, I must protest. It sits in front of that alleged meth house on Sunnynook Drive in Atwater Village. You know, that bungalow "raided" and "soon to be condemned" back in August? (That would be August 2007.)

So I'm sorry, children. Even though we can't be certain this commode comes from said den of iniquity, let's all stay away. We don't want to lose the babies with the meth water.

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