October 10, 2008

Atwater Chatter: Sights and Smells Edition

NEWS AND VIEWS from around the Webospheres:
  • friday, saturday. - "we were off to enjoy a meal at the french restaurant in the atwater village (i'm obviously quite fond of this place). we got there and found it to be terribly busy so we waited on the sidewalk, along with one of the dudes from lost." [matt, liz and madeline]
  • Blah Blah Ditty Bitty Blah - "There is also a point along the freeway and I think that it's before Los Feliz, but not any further than Atwater Village that smells like dog shit. I had the displeasure to find this out one day when it wasn't so hot that I had to engage my a/c unit on my car immediately and so cold that I needed to have the heater on. Oh my God, what is that stench???" [My Life in Orange County]
  • bags with holes in them - "I miss Silverlake Bikram Yoga. That place was the best. If anyone actually reads this, and lives anywhere near Atwater Village, you should check it out." [The Circumstances Are Against Us]

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