October 9, 2008

One Less Sign of Gang Activity in Northeast LA

Fix Your Damn Fence Already
THREE DAYS AGO I posted this photo of a construction fence on an Atwater Village residential scrape.

The green fence screen, for at least 6 months, had been decorated with the widely-seen trademark of our neighborhood's multi-level youth-oriented outdoor marketing organization, The Rascals. 

Alas, this morning, the green screen was clean. The TRS, wiped out. At least for this one property.

UPDATE: Actually, depends on the light. Some times of day you can still see the faint TRS on the fence screen. Looks like it may have been rubbed down, but not out.


Emily said...

While I appreciate your positive outlook, you're not entirely correct. The TRS is still proudly displayed on the screen, much to all of our chagrin.

AVN said...

You're right, Emily. What's up with that?