September 21, 2008

Fire! North Atwater Village Commercial Building Burns

THE LOS ANGELES Fire Department at 9:49 a.m. Sunday reports "heavy fire showing in 1 story commercial building" at 4178 E. Chevy Chase Drive in North Atwater Village. Like they do with many fires around the city, we trust the LAFD will have this blaze extinguished within the hour.

UPDATE #1: Looks like this is the address of Systems Trade Printers, across from Chevy Chase Park, adjacent to residences, and next to tracks shared by Metrolink and Amtrak. (At the crossing where Juan Manuel Alvarez parked his Jeep Cherokee in 2005.)

UPDATE #2: CBS2 reports at least 5 battalions of Los Angeles and Glendale fire equipment are being sent.

UPDATE #3: An AV Forums post notes "10 fire trucks and two ambulances just sped down Brunswick towards Chevy Chase. We're also hearing helicopters."

UPDATE #4: CBS2 now reports more than 6 battalions have been sent, and that firefighters describe the burning building as a 2,000-square-foot paint manufacturing building, with part of it 2 stories high. They are "going into a defensive mode to keep flames from spreading to nearby structures."

UPDATE #5: CBS2 now reports 10:20 a.m. knockdown, half an hour after first report.

UPDATE #6: The LA Times files a report and KTLA does too, though they mysteriously reassign the Atwater Village neighborhood to the City of Glendale.


Scott said...

Good post! The hovering helicopters just woke me up and this is the first info I've found.

Miles said...

Atwater burns and Glendale gets credit. Sigh.

What of the helicopeters that hovered over the 3100 block of Perlita on Friday night for two hours? What happened there?