September 10, 2008

Atwater Village Puts Lipstick, Stylish Glasses, on Pig

How You Like Sarah Palin Now (1)
WE WERE ON OUR way home (from Home restaurant, Fletcher & Riverside, even) when we stopped cold in the left lane at Glendale Blvd. and Glenfeliz Rd.

"Quick! Let's come back with the camera!" I cried to Mrs. Newbie. "You drive, I'll shoot!"

And thus our slice of northeast Los Angeles weighs in on the whole Barack Obama Sarah Palin whose lipstick is on whom controversy.


Miles said...

Yay Atwater. McCain/Pallin can dress up there schemes any way they like, but they're still the same old plans. Lipstick on a pig couldn't be more apt.

s. said...

Wow. I see that misogyny is alive and well in Atwater.

AVN said...

It's also quite gauche to test cosmetics on animals.

Emily said...

We can poke fun all we want but the AP reported today that McCain's numbers are up 4% over Obama. Read it and weep. I am.

Miles said...

there is nothing mysogynic about the old phrase. It's about a barnyard animal.