September 24, 2008

Someone Thinks This Del Taco is Amazing

Del Taco #162, 3020 Los Feliz Blvd.
WITH ALL THE dining options in our neighborhood, including the new location of Hugo's Tacos, I'm rarely tempted to bother with the nearby Del Taco fast-food joint. But other people are, and they survive to Yelp about it:
"Just AMAZING. As a lifelong devotee of the cheap bean burrito I can say that Del Taco has truly one upped Taco Bell.... It wasn't until I moved to California when I discovered this plush temple of burrito love. This particular location is the closest to me and therefore gets my business. It is convienent to The Roost, The Griffith and Bigfoot Lodge all hipster bars on the Blvd and it's 24 hour access trumps all other post-bar food options."


Emily said...

Note how that person cites his other favorite haunts as The Griffin, The Roost and Big Foot, he/she is clearly a lush diving for bean burritos on a drunken bender. Doesn't McDonalds taste good when you're stoned too? Blech.

Miles said...

Also, The Roost as a hipster bar? Really? I mean, really?

flim-flam said...

It's a pretty good del taco, and i recently visited Hugo's and it WAS pretty lackluster (maybe they're still getting up to speed, but it was pretty poor.)

Mark said...

I agree -- as far as del tacos go, that one isn't bad. Also, I've been to Hugo's twice now and it's some over-priced mediocrity. When it's two in the morning, you're on the LFB and you want a breakfast burrito, it's not a bad option.

it doesn't hurt that I live across the street from it.