August 13, 2008

Yes, Atwater Villagers Would Rather Not Call Ahead

TIME TO REVISIT Canele, Glendale Boulevard's finest local eatery, in this Metromix profile of Lot 1 chef Josef Centeno:
We meet at Canele, a restaurant Centeno, 34, lists first among his favorites on the east side of town. It's a sliver of a space with exposed brick and ceilings high enough to prevent the onset of claustrophobia.

The small dining room dictates a "no reservations" policy, a first-come, first-served axiom that favors the locals of Atwater Village - yet the Mediterranean-inflected cuisine draws foodists from all over the city.

A neighborhood joint with excellent food everyone wants to try? We see the appeal.


Scott said...

Good policy for the locals. Over here in Glendale, Palate is booked at least a week in advance, so I rarely go there despite living two blocks away. I've never had a problem getting a table at Canele.

AVN said...

We drove by Palate a few nights ago and considered just dropping in, without reservations. Good thing we didn't!

Miles said...

According to S. Irene today, they have a great wine bar inside where you can plop down and not wait so long.

Meanwhile, does anybody know what's happening to the old Philippine Market a block away from Canele?

Emily said...

Palate usually has some seats in the back dining room and the bar usually offers a full menu as well. Don't drive by just because you don't have a reservation, it's crazy delish!
Canele I've had two meals at and one was great the next was meh. I do love the free canele donut thingy at the end of the meal though.