August 7, 2008

Day Passes in Atwater Village Largely Without Incident

South Atwater Village (2)
THIS POST IS for anyone who thinks the Newbie overhypes the criminal element in our neighborhood.

(Of course if a crime occurred to you, this blind optimism does not apply.)

UPDATE! The day didn't end so quietly, it turns out, after last night's police activity on the end of Perlita near Chevy Chase Park.


sage said...

I actually dont think it you that overhype, I think its the posters on the forum from which you posted the information that do. In fact im pretty sure i complemented but I certainly understand your harsh words for me-you want to say whatever you want..we are free after all, right?. I just would just like for the fearmongerers on the avforum to think of ramifications. Im going to just take a freind of mines advice and stay off the message boards for a time... Keep up the good work.

Loren said...

hey! that's where i live!

AVN said...

nice place!

atwaterrobert said...

actually there was police activity on the end of perlita near chevy chase park last night. Several squad cars and sirens.

Ignoring something doesn't make it go away.

Amie said...

what's the deal with all the thugs in atwater. It seems like its gotten worse over the years even though the neighborhood has gotten nicer.

aberrant said...

Maybe they just stand out more.