August 18, 2008

See you in September, Fine Diners

EVERYONE'S FAVORITE reservationless restaurant, Canele in Atwater Village, is on vacation for 2 weeks.

P.S. - To the know-it-all at the next table at brunch at Canele yesterday, maybe it's OK to generalize based on anecdotal observations. In a big, diverse place like Los Angeles (without the benefit of actual census data) maybe there's no other way.


aberrant said...

So... what were they generalizing about?

AVN said...

How hard it is to find a place to live in LA.

How hard it is to find a place to work in LA.

How hard it is to commute in LA.

How hard it it to make it in LA.

You know, the stuff we all generalize about.

aberrant said...

Personally, I like to generalize about how it's all the newcomers (avn excepted, of course) who tend to fit all the L.A. stereotypes.

AVN said...

Bless you.