March 25, 2006

First Visit to Little Tokyo

Film premiere and sushi (but of course!) last night in LA's Little Tokyo:

  • Screening at National Center for the Preservation of Democracy - Hard to find for us LA newbies, mostly because a) lack of obvious street signage and b) Google Maps doesn't think it exists. Put in the Center's address, 111 North Central Ave, and Google asks, "Did you mean 111 South Central Ave?" North, south, the difference is only a block, either side of 1st Street. But Central dead-ends at 1st and doesn't go to all the way to 111 North. That block is pedestrian only. So it's a leap of faith to park at Japanese Village Plaza and pray you find the right address. (Found it with thanks to Silverlake Film Festival dude at 1st & Central.)
  • Sushi bar at Z-something-or-other (Sorry, can't remember) - But it was half price! Not that I'd know what full price is. Actually, sake, sushi and dessert for two: $47. Seems like half price. Not the most crowded joint in JVP. Others were filled with younger, cooler Japanese. But great chef service. Quail egg in sake? Who knew?

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