March 14, 2006

The New New West Hollywood?

According to the Web site for Atwater Playhouse & Method Acting School, my new neighborhood in Los Angeles is a "new hotbed."

I agree, but not the way "hotbed" may make it sound.

I don't see Atwater Village crawling with big sunglasses, distressed jeans and juice boxes. This is more of a neighborhood for those, even if they are in show business, who don't want to show off.

Now I just need to find these "pocket parks." More from the Playhouse:

Almost overnight, Atwater Village has become the new hotbed for professionals in the entertainment industry. Located next to Los Feliz and bohemian Silver Lake, adjacent to Griffith Park and a short distance away from downtown and Hollywood, it has become an increasingly desirable neighborhood over the past few years. With its quaint early 1900’s architecture, many small boutiques, galleries, "pocket parks," restaurants and caf├ęs, the area can often be seen in many feature films as well as LA-based television programs. More affordable than Los Feliz and Silver Lake, Atwater has recently been affected by the spill-over from these neighboring areas. As a result, Atwater is experiencing an influx of artists and young creative professionals – providing an ideal setting for the opening of the Atwater Playhouse and Method Acting School."

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