March 26, 2006

LA Via Public Transport

Sunday tourist Sunday:
  1. Atwater Village Farmer's Market - Needed some strawberries. And a nice-smelling candle.
  2. Metro Bus 92 from Atwater Village to Downtown LA - Boarded and purchased the $3 day pass, good for any bus and any train all day! Quiet crowd on this one, a few families.
  3. Walt Disney Music Hall - LA Philharmonic's Minimalist Jukebox - Recorded live for posterity. (And for iTunes. Available April 4.)
  4. Walk to Grand Central Market - Big surprise. Huge, covered market in the middle of downtown. Biggest in LA. Does no one talk about this? (In English, I mean.)
  5. Walk to Pershing Square station to catch Red Line subway - Greeted by mice-sized cockroaches, broken tiles, busted escalators. This was not a promising beginning for first-time LA subway riders. Luckily this was the worst of it.
  6. Red Line subway to Universal City
  7. Free shuttle from subway station to Universal City Walk, "65 cool things to do!" Did two: Had burritos, took pictures. Got back on free shuttle. (Last one leaves at 7:45pm. Like it's in Wichita.)
  8. Subway back to Hollywood & Vine - By the way, not a single. police. officer. The entire time spent on the subway today. Day off? Or relying on video surveillance?
  9. Metro bus 180 back to Atwater Village - Two drunken fools arguing with each other. Or auditioning for Jerry Springer. Not sure.
  10. Nightcap at Big Foot Lodge - $6.50 for Maker's Mark & Diet Coke; maybe 12 patrons in there, tops.
  11. Walkin' my baby back home.

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