February 22, 2010

Tuesday: Chamber Mixer on Casitas Avenue

THE ATWATER VILLAGE Chamber hosts A Night on Casitas:
  • Atwater Village Chamber Mixer
  • "A Night on Casitas"
  • Tuesday, Feb. 23, 6:30pm
  • Atwater Playhouse
  • 3191 Caistas Ave.


Miles said...

Would love to attend more Atwater events, but can't until they decide to schedule them at weeknight hours when working people can actually attend. I think they may purposely schedule them so that we can't. 6:30 is wildly undoable, but 7:30 would change the game. What of it, Atwater peeps?

Luis Lopez said...


I'm in charge of the Chamber mixers... I will see about changing the hours on our next one..7:30 sounds do'able :)

I want you there at our next mixer.

Miles said...

Thanks Luis. I will try my best to come to the next...