February 22, 2010

Estate Sale via Paranoid Craigslist Ad

AN ESTATE SALE planned for Feb. 26-28 in Atwater Village has all the hallmarks of a conspiracy manifesto. All caps. No periods. Ominous motives, like "WE NEED TO START FRESH" and "MOVING FAR" and "WOULD NOT WANT YOUR CHILDREN HURT." Not to mention the "under cover" security. Get the Craigslist ad while it's hot. Location to be announced Feb. 25.


Lulu said...

It sounds like a sale on a lot of garbage from the 80's. Personally I don't need a TV set or china set with rosebuds from the 80's.

ceedcee said...

What exactly is a "llardo figure"? A porcelain figurine of a fat ballet dancer perhaps?

AlphaAndy said...

punctuation is way overrated.