December 1, 2009

Chef Yoo's Next Project: Los Feliz Meat, Fish Market

UPDATE FROM Chef Karen Yoo, who back in June was hunting around Atwater Village for a possible location for her future restaurant, about her new plans in neighboring Los Feliz:
"My husband and I are currently building out a small meat and fish market in Los Feliz called McCall's Meat and Fish Company. We are part way through construction on a space on Hillhurst Ave. right next to Mexico City Restaurant [Google map].
"We are planning on selling amazing quality meats and seafood as well as some retail items like our favorite oils, vinegars and salts, etc... We will also offer dry aged steaks, house made sausages, and pre-seasoned and tied roasts on a limited basis.
"We are really excited to be in the neighborhood and have a projected opening date set for mid January."


sage said...

too bad they didnt settle here in AV nice that they even looked though.

Mathew Parry said...

Gosh, how exciting. I'm looking forward to you opening! We could use you.

Heidi said...

Exciting! I could walk here from my place. I will probably be spending way too much money here. (:

Margaret said...

I can't wait!!! My friends and family and I have been crying out for a such a place in the hood -- and soon it will be here!