December 9, 2009

Hipster or Not, Garcetti is Representin' Proudly

Stylin' GarcettiLOS ANGELES City Council President Eric Garcetti surely has been accused of worse, but this interesting exchange took place over the course of 2 interviews on Neon Tommy; one with Garcetti, one with Council Member Tom LaBonge).
NEON TOMMY: Who do you think represents more hipsters, you or Eric Garcetti?

TOM LABONGE: (thinks for a second) I think it's probably Eric because Eric is more of a hipster than I am. Though I could talk you up if you wanted me to.

NEON TOMMY: You know I talked to Tom LeBonge...

ERIC GARCETTI: Yeah I heard, I can answer the hipster question right out. I mean, not even close. CD 13 is hipster central. Silver Lake, Echo Park, Atwater Village...

NEON TOMMY: Are you a hipster?

ERIC GARCETTI: No but I represent them proudly.
Garcetti may not consider himself "hip" but just over the last 3 years it's hard to ignore the extra bit of style baked into the appearance of the future LA mayoral candidate. Yes, in answering, "What's next?" Garcetti admits that one possible path "would be to look at mayor in 2013." Hipsters represent.

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