August 19, 2009

Welcome, All My Children

Club Tee Gee

TECHNICALLY THEY'LL be working in the neighboring neighborhood of Glassell Park, but chances are cast and crew of All My Children could find themselves enjoying the nearby amenities of Atwater Village, conveniently located on the way to work from whatever westside and/or Los Feliz housing accommodations they may have.

The soap opera moves production out of New York City and into northeast Los Angeles at Andrita Studios, 3030 Andrita St., starting January 2010. Here are a few tips to help Susan Lucci and friends adjust to the NELA lifestyle:
Lots more to see and do, but we'll ease you into it over time. (That one actor from Heroes, for example, he likes Hugo's Tacos.) All in all, All My Children, this is to say, welcome!

More about AMC's move from Franklin Avenue

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