August 3, 2009

Dtox Day Spa: 3 Years and Counting

Dtox Day Spa at Night

WHILE WE SADLY bid adieu to a fave gift shop in the neighborhood, we can still treat our pains at another local hot spot. Dtox Day Spa, 3206 Los Feliz Blvd., is celebrating its third anniversary. Save a receipt from a treatment in August, get $20 coupon for September. And the spa's Happy Hour Friday is Aug. 21, this time a detox/retox partnership with Bigfoot Lodge across the street. Soak it in, just like Lorelai Gilmore!


Miles said...

I love detox. Get a massage from Muhammed, it will change your life.

philpalm said...

yelp has a few reviews on Dtox. You do need to reserve a massage for a favorite masseuse.

Emily Sinclair & Steve Joachim said...

Mohammaed is AWESOMEEEEE. I also like Julian but Mo is my fave. Yes you should call ahead if you want your favorite massuer.

I'm COMPLETELY bummed about Amelia Fitzwater! I seemed to have a weird thing when whenever I bought something from there, I would lose it or it'd get stolen. So I ended up buying the thing twice! How could they go out of business when I bought two of everything? Boo!

Anonymous said...

Detox is a fantastic spa very good for enjoying massage.

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jaso said...

Let us know if you have any comments!