August 20, 2009

Oops! Dyslexic Marketing Survey from Americana

Americana Survey Oops

FROM A 10-question marketing survey by The Americana at Brand in Glendale, question number 5 asks what radio stations I listen to. I think by KCRW 83.9FM they really meant KPCC 89.3FM. I picked "other" and put in the correct ID for the public radio station in Pasadena. I hope the Glendale mall ends up sponsoring the right station.


Michael said...

Or was it a number typo? 89.9 is KCRW.

jon said...

kcrw has three repeaters,
KCRI 89.3 Indio
KCRU 89.1 Oxnard
KCRY 88.1 Mojave
plus 9 low-power translators

Anonymous said...

Note that they called KCRW, "NPR" :-\

For the longest time (still?), Arbitron would arbitrarily give KCRW most of the credit (something like 66-75%) for anyone who wrote "NPR" in their diary

B3475 said...

That's funny. Where did you see this survey? online?