July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson Funeral Passes Through Atwater Village

I-5 South is Cleared
THE FUNERAL PROCESSION for Michael Jackson passed through Atwater Village this morning, southbound on I-5 from Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills to Staples Center for the public service. Starting with the ramp from Los Feliz Blvd., police closed this section of the freeway entirely in advance of the procession.

Leading the Procession
Los Angeles Police Department officers led the Jackson funeral procession on motorcycle.

Jackson Hearse
The hearse, presumably carrying Jackson's body, was the second vehicle in the procession. (A van, unassociated with the Jackson proceeding, had pulled to the right shoulder just as the freeway was closed by LAPD. Seemed like a sly paparazzi move, but was probably a legit breakdown.)

Procession Heads South
The procession continued south on I-5, passing under the Glendale-Hyperion bridge between Atwater Village and Silver Lake.

Bridge Onlookers
At least a dozen fans and photographers gathered on the pedestrian bridge between Griffith Park and the Los Angeles River bike trail. See all the pictures in my Jackson Procession gallery.


amyrottencore said...

I wondered if you would post about this! I'm so glad you did. On my way to work this morning, driving up the 5, I passed the procession at pretty much the exact spot where you took the pictures from (between Glendale and a little past Los Feliz). It was chilling to see all that, especially since I hadn't expected it AT ALL. Fantastic pictures. How did you get them?

AVN said...

Thanks, glad you like the pics! My not-so-secret vantage point was from the pedestrian bridge across I-5, the one connecting the LA River bike path with the Griffith Park tennis courts on the other side...

Anonymous said...

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