July 9, 2009

AVNC Forum Post Was Right! LAPD Map Underreports Crimes

EVEN AS WE appreciate full disclosure on this morning's Atwater Village gang raid, the LA Times finds not all's illuminated inside the Los Angeles Police Department.

The LAPD's online crime map excludes nearly 40% of serious crimes in the city. The LA Times credits one-time Atwater Village resident Jason Insalaco for shedding light on the map problem with his February 2009 post on the AVNC forum. "Numerous robberies, burglaries, homicides, and aggravated assaults have occurred in the village in recent months," Insalaco wrote. "You will not find such data on the LAPD crime maps."

Though it has better navigation and histories, the EveryBlock map of Atwater Village crime relies on the same misreported data as the LAPD map. Catch up with the developing story:

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