July 6, 2009

Early Monday Morning: Gunshots? Or Just Fireworks

RUDE AWAKENING at about 3:20am this morning with what sounded like the methodical, rhythmic snapping of 6 to 8 gunshots in Central Atwater Village. (Not the pop-fizz of fireworks, at least to these ears.) LAPD had a patrol car in the area within 5 minutes, but apparently officers' searchlights turned up no reason to call for backup or air support.

Let's hope it was merely the final revelry of this Independence Day weekend.


Miles said...

I heard those too.d

Regina Go said...

Sunday afternoon 2 gunmen (one wearing a ski mask) approached a family on Garden and Tyburn with their guns drawn.It sickens me. A regualr family having a normal Sunday gathering is targeted by sensless idiots because one of the family members had a bald head and was wearing a Football t-shirt.Does that make it okay for them to approach the house.Oh I forgot to mention, there was a baby there too...
Either before the approached the house or after there was a shooting on Larga near Fletcher. There was yellow tape and a buch of cop cars. Word is, the person shot had no gang affiliation. There are idiots with guns on the street shooting people with no motive...SCARY