January 6, 2009

Atwater Chatter: First Full Week of 2009 Edition

NEW YEAR'S NEWS from this sliver of northeast Los Angeles that we've been calling home for nearly 3 years. (Can we still be Newbies? Hope so!) The chatter:
  • We had ourselves a nasty Sig Alert on the southbound 5 through Atwater Village this morning. Fuel spill.

  • And a New Years Eve theft from vehicle on Veselich and Edenhurst.

  • Los Feliz Cafe, the one at the muni golf course, is re-opened and slightly better than ever, says Starvin' Like Marvin. New ownership. Maybe new Armenian dishes coming?

  • Our city councilman got married and wants to stay in his job.

  • But our US Congressman might leave us and go work for Obama.

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