January 25, 2009

And That, Angelenos, Is What We Call 'Hail'

Hail Collects Out Front
IT USED TO BE a regular occurrence where we lived 3 years ago, in volatile-weathered Colorado, but this is the first time we've been through a genuine hail storm since moving to Los Angeles. Almost didn't recognize the pling pling pling of pea-size ice hitting roofs and hoods at 11:15 p.m. tonight. The drop lasted maybe 10 minutes, but it was enough to make many Atwater Villagers peer outside to see what was the clatter.

UPDATE: Welcome, Defamer readers!


Scott said...

It certainly surprised me. I stood at the window and watched the street turn white. Very cool.

Janna Banana said...

oh thaaaat's what that was... I thought it was just noisy rain. Too bad I missed the show! I did see hail about a year ago in Glendale, though, not the first time I've seen it here.

jackieyo said...

I got caught in riding home from Silver Lake on my scooter. Pretty scary (and kinda painful) getting pelted with ice pellets. What the hail?!

Emily said...

I thought perhaps it was hailing gunfire!!!

...ok no I didn't.

Miles said...

We saved a few pellets and they're larger than pea-sized. They look kinda like pearls. So perty.

As my husband noted, "Rocks were falling from the sky."

skehhhtch said...

When I was growing up there in the 80s, hail was not uncommon. If it snowed, that would truly make some news.