February 26, 2008

Northeast LA Wakes Up, Realizes We Have a Gang Problem

A CANDLELIGHT VIGIL Sunday. A community meeting Monday. Another confab with government officials tonight. The northeast LA neighborhoods of Atwater Village, Cypress Park and Glassell Park are waking up to more than our fair share of gang shootings lately. By one account, LAPD's northeast division has seen 12 gang-related shootings, more than any other division, so far in 2008.
Greater Cypress Park NC Health & Safety Committee
Tuesday, Feb. 26, 7:00pm
Aragon Ave Elementary School
1118 Aragon Ave., L.A., CA 90065


Matthew K. said...

all this stuff just makes me want to move out of NELA...I live on a not-so-safe street but at least it isn't too deep into the hills or away from major thoroughfares. And there is usually police nearby at the 7-11.

MJS said...

I participated in numerous paint-outs at the L.A. River, north and south of the Hyperion Bridge. Most of the time the volunteers consisted of three or four of us regulars. Two volunteers moved away last October, and now no one organizes the paint-outs. We had worked with Garcetti's office and with Northeast LAPD on these issues, but if people don't get involved very little will change.

If you see graffiti call 311 and state where the graffiti was seen. You don't have to leave a name or phone number (I usually state my name and nuber to remind myself that fear is stupid). They're pretty good at sending out crews to perform "beautification."

The AVNW was working on these issues but I don't know if that is still true.


CitizenRobots said...

Happened again yesterday.

Tried to drive up Grenada from Cypress and was met with a police blockade. Helicopters for hours. Man on foot with a handgun and dog patrols out lookin' for him.

BUT my friends, it's usually sooooo quiet!